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Our St. Louis Task Force

xThe St. Louis Eclipse Task force has been working since 2014 to raise awareness of the August 21, 2017 Total Solar Eclipse.  Our task force includes leaders from over 100 organizations such as schools, cities, parks, associations and businesses.  In 2016, we delivered more than 100 programs to area schools, libraries, cities, parks and business to raise awareness of this historic event which has not happened in St. Louis since the year 1442.

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Solar Glasses for Kids

More than 160,000 solar glasses donated!

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Next up: April 8, 2024 the date of the next "Total Solar Eclipse" visible from Missouri and Illinois. Will you be in the path?

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Repurpose your Solar Glasses

Donate your solar glasses to schools in South America and Asia.

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Sky & Telescope featured the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse on the cover of their January 2016 issue.  Inside the magazine were two articles. 

The first article was entitled "Why You Need to Plan Now for 2017" discussed the basics for assessing where you might want to go to witness the eclipse including an analysis of past weather patterns for the day. 

The second article entitled "Wanted:  90 minutes of Totality" discussed the Citizen Cate Experiment. In the Citizen Cate experiment intends to open a new window through which to study the dynamics of the inner solar corona.  The project will cover 2,500 miles using 60 telescopes manned by volunteers.

Many libraries carry Sky & Telescope in their magazine collection.  Both articles are worth reading. 

Eclipse Meeting in St. Louis

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